John Goldthorp is the founder of Fix Your Run, a specialized fitness coaching business that not only helps runners break through frustrating plateaus and injury cycles, but also helps people build sustainable fitness for a lifetime. Recently named "Philly's Best Running Coach" by Philadelphia Magazine and featured in media such as Runners WorldPhilly.com and MensJournal.com, he currently works with clients at Mass Fit in Center City and leads weekly group speed training sessions at Philly Surge Running.


As a competitive runner, John, a certified personal trainer and running coach, realized most runners will likely encounter injury at some point in their journey. While many running coaches can develop a solid training plan, John has successfully integrated traditional run coaching with cutting edge strength and movement training. In addition to his B.S. in Kinesiology from Penn State (’00), he's currently Center City Philly’s first and only Neurokinetic Therapy® Level 3 practitioner which enables him to unravel movement compensations that are often the root of many movement related problems like pain or tightness.  He is a certified ACE Personal Trainer, a Functional Movement Screen Expert, a Road Runner Club of America certified running coach, and Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified.

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Thursday, November 5: 4-8pm*

Birch Street

Kennett Square, PA 19348

Enjoy a frosty pre-race beverage with other runners and community members.

Saturday, November 7: 6:45-7:45am*

Race Day: Located at the Packet Pick Up Tent

*Packet pick up times are set to allow our race volunteers ample time to arrive and organize the materials for a seamless and efficient runner experience. Therefore, please do not arrive prior to the scheduled start times above.  




Your race number (bib) includes a bag-check tag. If you wish to check a bag on race day, you must remove the tag and pin it to the clear bag provided at bib pickup. Bag check is organized by bib number. Bag check opens approximately at 6:30 AM before the start of the race and closes at 1:00 PM. Unclaimed bags are returned to Run2Shine for pickup, typically starting Tuesday, November 9th. 




As part of our ongoing focus on your safety, and in partnership with Kennett Police and the Parks Department, we’ve implemented enhanced bag-check and security measures. We ask for your full cooperation in order to avoid any interruption of the day’s events. Please consider not bringing a bag to check on race day. If you must bring a bag, please allow extra time for bag check and security.

. To check a bag at the race, obtain a clear drawstring bag at packet pickup or at the bag-check area on race day. You'll need to transfer all contents into this clear drawstring bag.


. Attach the bag-check label found on your race bib to the bag for identification. If you do not have a bag-check tag, a blank label will be available at the bag-check area on race day.


. You may not put full backpacks or personal bags inside the clear bag. All checked items must fit inside the clear bag.


. Check your bag by handing it to a Run2Shine staff member at your bib range in the bag-check area. 


. Run2Shine and Kennett police reserve the right to search any bag at any time, both within and outside the bag-check area.


. Small pouches/belts will be permitted.


. Any bag left unattended in the event area will be confiscated by Kennett Police and could cause an interruption to the day's events.


. Run2Shine and Kennett Police reserve the right to search a bag at any time.





Legacy Athletic Fields

629 S Walnut St, Kennett Square, PA 19348


YMCA Outdoor Swimming Pool 

636 S Walnut St, Kennett Square, PA 19348

VIP Parking Lots are reserved for Race Teams, Volunteers, Sponsors and Vendors

 *Passes Required


*shuttle service is not provided


Lot 1:  

Kennett High School

100 E South Street, Kennett


Lot 2:

Kennett Parking Garage

 E Maple Street, Kennett



7:00am Relay buses arrive

7:15am  Relay runners begin load in

7:40am Last call for Relay Runner Transfer

7:45am Relay buses depart to the Relay Exchange





. Anywhere along South Street between Walnut & S. Union

. Union Street & State Street (8:00AM-8:35AM)

. Episcopal Church of the Advent, 401 N. Union Street 

. Cedar Croft Street & S.Mill Road

. Poplar Tree Road & Wollaston Road

. S.Mill Road & State Street (parking lot)

. Victory Brewing Parking Lot – Cypress & S. Mill Road

. Broad Street & Birch

. Broad Street & South Street


. YMCA Outdoor Pool Parking Lot –Walnut Street

. Legacy Field Parking Lot –Walnut Street

. Kennett Square Parking Garage-N. Union & State Street

. Episcopal Church of the Advent –N. Union & Sickle Street

. R&D Heating & Cooling -503 N. Mill Road

. Catherine’s Restaurant-1701 W. Doe Run Road (must walk to spectator location G

. Kennett High School District Office Lots



. Make noise to encourage the runners: cheer, clap, play music or make your own music.


. Identify with the runners. They are completing a very difficult task. Praise the runners individually.  Many runners will have their names on their bib. (Ex: “Go number one! You’re doing great!”) He or she will truly appreciate it.


. Stay positive in your cheering. (No "boos", please!)


. Locate your cheering section on a hill or more challenging portion of the course. These are the places that the runners will need the most encouragement.


. Make distinctive signs and move to different locations throughout the course. Believe it or not, runners will remember you and it will encourage them to keep going.


. Do something to make runners smile. Laugh, sing, dance or do tricks such as juggling. It may put the runners at ease for a few moments.


. Have a party with friends and/or neighbors if the course travels past your area.



. Prepare for the weather. It may be cool in the morning but warm up by noon. You want to be sure to be able to stay to cheer on the runners in the back of the pack as well.


. If you see a runner who appears to need some help or medical attention, please try to remember his or her race number and inform a course monitor or fluid station volunteer. If the runner’s injury looks serious, please try to find a police officer on the course.


. Please do not crowd the runners by standing in the street, especially in the earlier miles. This may cause a back up for the runners and make the marathon more difficult.


. If a runner does not smile back or talk to you, please do not take this personally. The runner may be deep in concentration, fatigued or in pain. Lack of response is usually not for lack of appreciation.


. There is plenty of water on the course at the fluid stations, but if it is a warm day, a runner may ask to be sprayed down with a hose. However, be certain that he or she is asking to get wet before spraying them.


. Keep in mind that the runners in the back of the pack need the most encouragement, as they will be out there the longest. Be sure to cheer for them as well!




The following road route will be closed to traffic on NOVEMBER 7, 2020 while run participants pass.


Race Starts on South Broad Street 

. Birch Street Right to Walnut Street

. Walnut Street Right to South Street

. South Street Right to  Union Street

. Union Street Left to Cedarcroft

. Cedarcroft Right to Mill Road

. Mill Road Right to W.Locust Street

. W. Locust Right to Fairthorn Drive

. Fairthorn Drive Right to Taylor Drive

. Taylor Drive veer Right to Dean Drive

. Dean Drive around the Dean Drive Circle

. Dean Drive Circle veer Left to Taylor Drive

. Taylor Drive Left onto Fairthorn Drive

. Fairthorn Left on W. Locust

. W. Locust Right to Mill Road

. At Y bare Right to  Wollaston Street (gravel road)

. Relay Exchange

. Bare Left on Wollaston

. Wollaston Left onto 926

. 926 Immediate Right onto Wollaston Road

. Wollaston Left to Poplar Street

. Poplar Street Left to Mill Road

. Mill Road bare Right onto 926

. 926 Left to Mill Road

. Mill Road bare right at bridge right to Mill Road

. Mill Road cross State Street

. Mill Road cross Cypress Street

. Mill Road Left onto Mulberry Street

. Mulberry Street cross Union (82) Street

. Mulberry Street right to Broad Street

. Broad Street left to Birch Street




The Lost and Found is located at the Gear Check tent on race day. If you’ve lost an item, please check there; if you find a lost item, please bring it there.